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A 3 piece capsule collection developed as part of the Craft The Leather 2022 competition hosted by the Consorzio vera Pelle.  

The collection questionning the meaning of identity and ways in which it can be shaped.
Shattered fragments of sensory memory, inner belief
systems  and reflections are being translated into an harmonic symbiosis of molded and lasercutted leather pieces which are distinctly interlocked.
The wearer is offered a feeling of comfort to question the existing belief systems shaping their perceptions of reality while offering security to transform.

Being inspired by the character given to leather by it’s own aging process and the traditional craftmanship techiniques developed to work with it, the collection aims to bring the relevance of the material properies into the
contemporary context of new technologies.
A celebretion of the excisting space & time to transform within the past & the present, the hand-made & the maschine made, the given and the imagined. 

The capsule collection PLAY WITH: MY PERCEPTION is part of a hybrid performance art concept entering around a three part video piece which shows the evolution of shape development from a movement, material, and geometrical point of view. 

The soundscape used for this video piece was developed in collaboration with "Waterballet" and is further encapsulating the viewer into the feeling of being protected and stimulated by the unique vegetable tanned leather due to the composition of the sound design made out of the recordings of the dancers wearing the leather pieces. 



A multi - sensorial embrace of materiallity

Reach out in case of interest for a new collaboration or to request my full artistic portfolio

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